NBA MVP Rankings 03/20/2017

Welcome. If you’re reading this, you very well could be the only person that reads my blog and for that a HUGE thank you. I thought about doing an introduction about my sports likes and dislikes but thought against it in case nobody reads this dang thing. But without further ado lets get to talking about what we’re here for this crazy, zany MVP race we have going on.

This year in the NBA has been a real treat to watch. We have seen some pretty amazing individual statistical performances this year, almost a stark contrast to last year when we were captivated by the Warriors 73-9 march. This year we watched KD head west, Russell become a one man wrecking ball, the beard handed the reigns to D’Antoni’s offense, a 5’9″ dynamo continually save his best for the last quarter and the Spurs just silently chugging along. What a time to be an NBA fan…unless you’re a Knicks fan…like me.

Anyways lets get to these rankings :

Honorable mention : Kevin Durant PPG 25.3 on .537% from the field.

It’s too bad that the Slim Reaper got hurt because he was potentially putting up his best overall season and it could’ve made this MVP race a bit more compelling. His ability to put up points so efficiently is second to none this year. Yes, I know he’s on perhaps the most talented team assembled this decade but he is averaging a career highs in blocks, turnover rate and rebounds per game. With Steph Curry coming into this stratosphere after being an absolute monster for the last two years, KD is undoubtedly the Warriors best player this year and the key to their championship aspirations. He won’t win regular season MVP but that won’t matter if he can hoist his first Larry O’Brien Trophy come June.

5. Lebron James – 26.2 PPG 8.4 RPG 8.8 APG.

He’s the best player in the world still. Only here because he doesn’t have a chance to win. If I had a ballot he’d be #2 based on value to his team. I do worry about the potential ramifications of resting during the regular season, have to be concerned about the family that saves up and travels just to watch Lebron & Co come into town. Not sure of a potential solution, open to any ideas though.

4. Isaiah Thomas – 29.2 PPG best offensive threat in the fourth quarter this year.

It feels almost criminal to have Thomas this low. Honestly this guy is one of my sports heroes (despite playing for Boston, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I didn’t just say that…yup let the self-loathing begin) and is enjoying the fruits of a coach that schemes to his strengths. I justify putting him this low because he is such a liability on defense, is almost an offense only player and… he plays for Boston. It’s my blog so if you disagree kiss my ass. But really the guy has been a revelation since being traded to Boston and despite being an offensive-centric player his PER is equivalent to King James (26.8). If you want to chuckle, Thomas is making 6.5mill this year – Reggie Jackson of the Pistons is making 14.9mill. (Cut to Stan Van Gundy jumping off a bridge for trading for the wrong PG during last years trade deadline)

3. James Harden – 29.2 PPG 8.1 RPG 11.2APG

OK, still breathing? You didn’t just leave the page. Cool. You could basically make this 1C instead of #3 and in the last few hours he just put up his 25th game of 30+pts and 10+ assists. BUUUUUUUUUUUT he does not consistently play defense and I value that as much as countable stats. I try not to be a prisoner of the moment but I totally understand the valid arguments out there suggesting he is the rightful MVP. If Harden can keep up this mind-boggling pace I think his Rockets present the biggest threat to the presumptive Warriors-Cavaliers rematch.

2. Kawhi Leonard – 26.1 PPG 28.0 PER

I didn’t say I wouldn’t make a controversial choice but if you take a deeper look at the statistics, this is not as far-fetched as you would think. His PER is tick higher (28.0 to 27.8) than Harden’s and I don’t think it takes much to convince Kawhi is the far, far superior defender. Taking everything into account I believe that as of this moment Kawhi Leonard is ahead of Harden…if you need convincing click or copy and paste this:

I rest my case. Best two-way player in the league this year.

1. 31.7PPG 10.5RPG 10.3APG 30.4 PER….do I need to put his name?

Russell Westbrook wasn’t an all-star starter this year. But he’s going to be MVP. I don’t know if that has ever happened before. I can go on and on about the triple-doubles and just the spectacular show he puts on , but my reasoning is simple: I don’t think this Thunder team would win 15 games if he was not on the team. This is one of the greatest individual season I have ever witnessed in ANY sport.

If you read til the end much love! If you have any comments, suggestions or topics to request please shoot me an email to GO KNICKS!


2 thoughts on “NBA MVP Rankings 03/20/2017

  1. First of all I am not a Westbrook, or Harden. With that being said I believeneither of the teams these two players play on would be anywhere near the playoffswithout them.

    I believe Wedtbrook’s attitude is the main reason he will not win the award. The Rockets have a better team, they also will host at least 1 series.

    I don’t understand why you didn’t include the” brow”..Davis is the sole reason New Orleans even have a team. Why is Lebron even on this list? I don’t get that.

    Harden is getting hardware.


  2. Now that I gag some time to think about it, and now that ( in my belief the field is leveling out) I honestly the mvp race should only be between Westbrook & Lenord…with Thomas ( Boston) a far third.

    Without Westbrook okc would just the team Durrant left, harden just doesn’t do enough compared to Westbrook& Leonard.

    Leonard doesn’t take a single play off, Westbrook carries his team on his back.

    Should be a very close race. …
    I want Leonard to win, but Westbrook will get hardware.


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